Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sinatra had it right. Not only was he handsome, talented, cocky and in command..he had his own style.

I get alot of advice and critcism from alot of people. One thing I know for sure is that I respect every word of feedback I receive. I don't however, always adhere to it.

Since completing half of my Blues album, I'm more convinced than ever that I can only creatively produce what I have dwelling inside of me. If this means that I'll never be a commercially viable musician than so be it. Music has always been a personal journey and celebration that I share with others who enjoy what I'm capable of. I don't expect anything from my efforts. Regardless, I am driven forward to discover whats exciting and new, while staying true to what moves me musically and connects me with others who I learn endlessly from.

Pretty happy to be at home in my pyjamas this Saturday night and hoping that I'm doing what's right by following a passion greater than anything I can understand. Not worried about failure, cause there's nothing to lose.

Except money- 

What would Frank do? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Mercury goes into retrograde today. Bad time for starting new projects, signing deals and communication. 

Mercury is the messenger and when he appears to be moving backwards because the Earth is traveling faster alongside him, anything involving comprehension and correspondence runs the risk of going awry. If you believe in that crap. 

Mercury in retrograde is just about the only astrological function I respect and fear. Simply because I have had direct experience with numerous endeavours swiftly sailing south within the approximately 3 week duration of challenge and confusion. This particular period starts today and ends Dec. 13th 2011.

So what does it all have to do with the music? Well if I told you, I'd be inviting the little red planet to invade my plans and inspiration only to dissuade and diffuse whatever schemes are brewing up in my brain. So that being said- I won't be doing anything until after Christmas- and maybe even longer. Regardless, its been a busy year and my kids could use a mommy around the house at night time during the holiday season and beyond.   

Sunday, November 20, 2011

WENDY BISCUIT - a year in review...

I think it's been almost exactly a year since i posted the first live performance of 'Wendy Biscuit Blues'
at The Main on Main with Wayne Evans on bass and Steve Ranta on keys. I felt like the luckiest gal in the world playing with those boys and nothing's changed...except a lot. 

We've covered a lot of stages this past year with my little project as well as players..(mostly drummers) 
but I'm quite content to settle with these current gentleman, whose presence i'm honoured to share.

Here we are at Falconetti's at our Commercial Drive debut last week. That's Willie MacCalder on keys- and yes he's a dreamboat (check him out @ 1:33 mark in above video)...but we know how smitten I am by him....Jack Lavin on bass who so wonderfully stepped up to the plate after Wayne Evans - my favourite person in the whole wide world-  told me he was too old and too tired to play regularly. Mr. John Nolan on drums who has spent the last 8 years booking and backing the best jazz piano/singers at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown Vancouver. By the way - Falconetti's was a full house....:)

Tomorrow we hit the studio. Five of my own tunes are up for grabs (produced by Mr. Lavin himself) and I am just plugging forward like I always have without letting fear and insecurity overcome me. I know these guys are better than I can ever hope to be..and so I just take the leap of faith and hope for the best. What else is there??

Then Tues. Nov. 22nd takes us to 'Guilt and Company' in Gastown. Thank God Wayne and my mom will be in the audience. Makes it so much easier knowing my most loved ones are hanging around! Wayne doesn't drink anymore, so he can give my mother a ride home!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Meet my new friend Willie MacCalder. Who am I kidding? Everyone knows Willie! He began his 40+ year long career as a professional musician as the front man to 'Willie and the Walkers' from Edmonton AB in 1963. The Euro- inspired group were soon signed to Capitol Records, and released a number of incredible tunes that landed plenty of radio play, and a number one hit on the Canadian charts.   

He quit the band to join 'The Powder Blues Band' in the late 70's with Jack and Tom Lavin. 

Isn't he adorable? he looks just like Paul McCartney..

Willie is an amazing musician who attacks the keyboard with unbridled creativity coupled with incredible precision. He is one heavy hitter and I'm scared shitless to play with him for my next two fact, at our rehearsal yesterday I was so intimidated I couldn't even look him in the eye. So much for me and all my confidence...

Here he is today, so handsome!! Will is still very busy, working as a professional piano man..performing as a top solo act or as a sideman anywhere the tides wash him ashore..I'm nervous about our upcoming show at Falconetti's on Commercial Drive, but honoured and excited too.....thanks for joining the Biscuit Blues train, Will...

I'm a lucky gal!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blowing In The Wind

Here's the song i was practising tonight-

Bob Dylan is so cool. He wrote many songs that touched alot of people. He also believed what he was singing and boy do I respect him. He grew up listening to blues and country..his parents were from Turkey..he dropped out of college...his heros were Little Richard and Woodie Guthrie...he helped mold modern folk music...

I think I take Dylan's tunes for granted..campfire tunes! So I sat down to chart and learn one all over again. How I appreciate his compositions and lyrics!

Thanks, Bob Dylan. You are a profound songwriter with a powerful message.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Is this how it's supposed to happen?? I make my calls this morning to book a night in December and a question is posed "it's me or him. you have to make a decision!" Now I'm not good when backed up to a wall, and won't draw conclusions quickly, especially when i have so much respect for all of my players......I like them all...why can't they just play together??? I suppose it was inevitable...this just happened sooner than I expected, and now with a booking four weeks away I've got some scrambling to do because after I deflected the decision, there were consequences and I'm one man down... but I've got some ideas, I've always got ideas.

The last time this happened I ended up with Rick Tippe's band backing Trina and myself with 'Hawkin's Revenge' at The Fairview. I think we only had two weeks to find players...and they had to learn 11/4 time signatures!!!

Situations like this can only make you stronger...unless I quit altogether...but somehow I don't think that's an option. Time to make some charts and pound the pavement..nothing like a good challenge!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I cut my finger two months ago. The cut was quite deep. Finally, the numbness around the scar is subsiding and tonight was the first night i played guitar since I sliced that cursed avacado one afternoon in August. I haven't played guitar on stage for a long time. I have enjoyed singing and performing without the thing this past year. But I still love to play every night in my living room, keep my kids awake and bug the dog.

Tonight was a treat. Been digging up some original funk-ish jazzy tunes...maybe Kathryn will look at them with me! I realized just how much i missed playing guitar...and by the way,

Palin is no dummy, she doesn't want to take responsibilty for America. How can you blame her??

Thursday, September 29, 2011


This Saturday Oct 1st. I'm stoked to perform at 'The Church of The Blues' aka The Dewdney Pub.

Located 10 minutes east of Mission BC in the quaint one- horse town of Dewdney/Deroche. There's a General store that sells feed and booze, a cafe, an old school arcade (minus Mz Pacman) and The Pub. I've only been there once two years back..My main man Wayne Evans took me for a summer afternoon spin in his suped up restored Volvo and somehow we ended up at the Dewdney.

We listened to my Mississippi Penitentiary call- and- answer- style- blues CD which complimented the contrast of the sense of freedom I felt curving through the Fraser Delta Farmland on the old Hwy 7 East with my favorite bass player. Wayne is the best date..He bought my fries as we listened to the Blues Jam that takes place every Sunday afternoon at the venue. Greg Thompson runs it, and runs it well. He has all house gear, a fantastic sound system and a loyal group of talented players who congregate for weekly music mass in the renovated Church which still holds the post and beam charm and history beyond what any of the walls can tell us.

This Saturday I'm fortunate enough again to have Jack Lavin on bass- simply put- he's the perfect fit..Steve Ranta bringing energy and style within bottomless talent..and Greg himself on drums! Some great players will drop by, I just know it. It's gonna be a party..Park your trials and tribulations at the door...There'll be plenty sinnin' with this line- up..Wendy Biscuit Blues will Confess with Absolution...

Show starts 8:30 pm 

Oh Yeah...there's a shuttle bus for any and all drunkards who are interested. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last night's debut performance with Jack Lavin at The Heritage Grill in New West was a hoot. Jack and the boys are quickly making my dreams come true. We had a few kinks in the first set (my fault of course) but after we began to trust each other it blended so well I felt like we'd been playing together for months. Mind you, Steve Ranta and Jack played together in the Kingpins for five years, so they understand each other's style quite well. Loren Etkin was a Sherman tank on drums and kept rolling the beat- steady and clean with colour...thank you Loren!

The Heritage Grill is a great supporter of live music and it's a pleasure to perform there...David Charan is just a sweetheart and it took everything I had not to put him in my purse and take him home..what
gentlemen he and Paul are. I can't wait to play that stage again...David plays guitar and I plan to check him out live sometime! Maybe its time to dust off my Dayton's and head down to the's been a while since i stumbled down those stairs..

Anyway! Wendy Biscuit swings forward to another date of delicious fun as we take the show back to the sultry stage at 'Guilt and Company' I'm looking forward to seeing the lovely staff again at Guilt, it's gonna be a great night. Jack Lavin on bass; Steve Ranta on keys; and for the first time with Wendy Biscuit-  the critically acclaimed John Nolan on drums! Show starts 9pm on Tues Sept. 20th

Wendy Biscuit @ Guilt
Tues Sept. 20th 9pm- 12am
#1 Alexander street - in the basement

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wendy Biscuit @ The Cottage

Nothing much to say. Lotsa shows coming up. Loving every minute of it.
Here's a fun night at the Cottage Bistro with the Voytcheff - Moore Collective. Steve Ranta
on Keys, Loren Etkin on drums, and my favourite guitar player...Dave Vidal...

seeya soon!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's been a while since i blogged, so here's what's new. work and lotsa work at my day job in the costume dept. on the film set for 'supernatural' season 7. trying only to book a couple shows a month maximum. looking forward to the next 'wendy biscuit' show at the heritage grill on sept. 10 my first night with jack lavin on bass for the show    !!!    a little nervous because i've never played a whole night without wayne.

also excited about playing a night out at the dewdney pub Oct.1 with steve, jack, and greg thompson on drums.  never played with or even met greg, but if jack says he's a good drummer, then i know he's a good drummer! 

writing writing and writing...took a swing at writing more jazz tunes and out popped a tune that i'm pretty excited about. i teamed up with the lovely kathryn baird, who has amazing jazz chops on keys and tremendous technical skill-  not to mention unbridled creativity oozing out of her fingertips. we are dabbling around in a new original all- female jazz and blues ensemble....and things are getting heated! i truly enjoy writing with her, and am looking forward to where this project is headed...i'll definitely be keeping you posted on that!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's official. I LOVE singing the blues. Especially with all the great and talented musicians I've met in the last year. 

I first learned about Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee when a good, kind and extremely musical friend Jack Lavin lent me some DVDs. Billy McBeth was in town for an old friend- Vic Delisle's-  memorial and staying with me so we started watching the 1966-1967 edition. Up came the duo playing 'Stranger Blues' Billy's face lit up and recalled how he and Al Foreman used to sing the song with Paul Dean and Brian Newcombe. He wanted to perform it for Vic's celebration of life and away we went. A longing blues shuffle with haunting lyrics touching upon making it home by any means necessary. Billy sang melody, I sang harmony.

Last night I had the pleasure and good fortune to perform with an inspiring bluesman and gentle soul, Wes Mackey at The Harrison Hot Springs Executive Inn. Wes is such a handsome man and a perfect southern gentleman. He's a snappy dresser and feels the Blues he plays right down to his soul which he injects into every note. As a one man band, Wes introduces his bass pedals and drum machine as 'Footsie Brown' and 'Good friend Clicker' best band around cause they don't talk back!

I opted to start with 'Stranger Blues' because it was my first time in the venue and my first time meeting Wes. It's a great tune for new beginnings. Another leg of my journey, another wonderful new friend. Thanks for sharing the blues with me Wes.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Next saturday is my birthday party. I'm looking forward to it like nobody's business! The best thing about playing music, is that it is what you make it..'Wendy Biscuit Blues' is taking the Cottage Bistro by storm (i hope)

Saturday July 9th. Steve Ranta on keys, Wayne Evans on bass, Ray Ayotte on drums. 

I seriously dig Ray- he's bringing out his 'really teeny' drum kit for our show at 'The Main on Main' Friday July the 8th. Kind of a precurser to the birthday Cottage bash. 
I sure hope folks stick around and dance the night away...both nights, both venues. I plan to keep Eugene on the tables. He knows how to party. Hope to see familiar faces either Friday at the Main, or Sat at the Cottage Bistro. Gee Whiz will somebody please take some decent video footage???? take care!   

Sunday, June 26, 2011


At a recent rooftop gathering last month, a young birthday boy in his final year of music school proudly pronounced that 'white people had no right to play the blues.' I've been thinking about that statement ever since, so I did a little digging. In the southern states before recording and distribution, the musicians referred to themselves as 'songsters' and fostered no prejudice. It was only when money started rolling in that the tunes became classified as 'race' or 'hillybilly' -  predecessors to country and blues. There was no real musical difference, however I think it's fair to say that the African rhythms were the basis of early blues feel. 

It was when the slaves were taught gospel hymns written mostly by Isaac Watts- an English Hymn writer, that a blend of music, culture and oppression began a new era.

There was white music, black music and Cajun. Honourable mention goes to the Cajuns, who brought their own flavour to blues music. Cajun's up and down foot stomping ' La La' melodic contribution from the also persecuted french folk in Louisiana earns it kudos from early to modern blues. You can hear the Cajun influence in Leadbelly's famous recording, above.

Let's not forget Charlie Patton who taught the blues to John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf, and was a racial mix of white, black and Cherokee. No doubt in my mind that the African slave culture nurtured a new generation of music, and deserves to lay the highest claim in the creation of the blues.

 However, being direct descent French Huguenot from the Ozarks.....i beg to differ with the little white boy from above. Maybe HE has no right to play the blues.

My son just looked over my shoulder and commented on how much this guy looks like Barak Obama (wonder if the president has any Cherokee in him?)  !!!!!  :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beatles- Why Don't We Do It In The Road

Of all the 12 bar blues tunes recorded by 'The Beatles' (Yer Blues, Slow Down etc..) this one is my favourite. 'Why Don't We Do it in the Road' was recorded Oct. 9th and completed Oct. 10th 1968 for release on the White Album. 

This song caused yet another clash between the two big wigs, as McCartney pounded it out with Ringo unbeknownst to John and George who were busy laying down finishing tracks for 'Piggies' and 'Glass Onion' in another room. John expressed hurt feelings, while Paul claimed that he was making good use of valuable studio time when there was nothing else to do. 

Regardless of the unending drama between two massive and ingenious musical egomaniacs, I love this song. Starting with Paul banging on the back of a guitar, hand clapping, piano, drums then later bass and lead guitar- all played by Paul sans the drumming. Apparently Paul became inspired while in India with the Maharishi. He was observing two monkeys going at it in the street and had a realization that humans create a big social and interpersonal mess when trying to find and secure a sexual partner. The streetwise monkeys apparently said it all to Paul, whose thought process I wouldn't want to follow, since I've witnessed monkey- sex in India and I can't imagine ever writing a song about it...

This tune has everything a blues song needs. ear catching repetitive lyrics,  straight 12 bar 1-4-5 chord progression, great back- phrasing, and a soulful tone and theme in which the singer simply wants to get laid. I wanna add this one to my set list...hope the boys are into it....

Sunday, June 19, 2011


We all know about Amy Winehouse. Her rapid- fire rise to success by channeling the lost sounds of original soul from an older muse and accredited for paving the way for such artists as Adele and Lady Gaga. We also know how her self destructive behaviour unfortunately overshadowed her extraordinary talent. One wonders however, what came first- the destruction or the self? Contemplating who facilitated what, while accepting that as able minded adults, we eventually take responsibility for our actions regardless of how rich and famous we become.

Her recent performance in Belgrade, Serbia shows it all. Forgive me for the analogy, but like a bomb testing in Eastern Europe she detonated. Her management thankfully pulled her from the tour, and cancelled the remaining dates until 'Amy is ready to perform at her full capacity.'

My first reaction is 'poor thing, get her off stage. that's not fair!' Her drugs use has effectively left her with brain damage and early emphysema. Also, I wonder how the band feels..I enjoyed Amy's early career. Her songs were original, and she could really phrase and sing. Amy Winehouse is now 28 years old? I wonder what consumed her? She must have felt tortured somehow in order to behave so self- destructively.

Amy made a contribution to music as an art form and performance. She doesn't seem well enough to perform her booked tour of Europe. Get well soon Amy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I often find myself taking my life for granted. In retrospect, I could have appreciated a little more the moment we won game 5, standing in the heart of Gastown getting some fresh air before we started our first set at 'Guilt and Company'. Folks were celebrating, the energy was incredible and smiling faces brought together strangers with a sense brotherhood, summer breezes and victory - God, I hope we win the cup this time.

That being said, I've lived in Vancouver my whole life. I remember my first grade field trips to the famous statue of Capt. John Deighton 'Gassy Jack' which marks the place where the maple tree stood next to his 12' by 24' plank- built saloon, The Globe. It only dawned on me as my head hit the pillow after a great night performing with the boys for an ecstatic and eclectic crowd, that over 100 years later Gassy Jack is still standing in the heart of Vancouver partying with the locals and introducing our beautiful city to tourists day in, day out and all through the night. 

Yes there were the panhandlers, and the homeless were meandering amongst the crowd, but the streets belong to them too! Everyone was in such good spirits for even when one worse for wear woman opted to stargaze prone in the middle of the sidewalk, patrons of the various outdoor venues helped her up and sent her on her way quite compassionately. 

Watching the swing dancing from the stage was the highlight of my night. I feel like I can finally  contribute to the entertainment industry as a performer and no, it's not all about me, nor the music. I learned last night that it's about understanding the environment and audience, and simply becoming another cog in the 'celebration of life' machine. 

There are no TV's at Guilt, the bathrooms are unisex, the staff is friendly, the ambiance is totally unique and yes it's hard to get a clear sound because of the exposed, uneven foundation rock walls, but personally I found it a throwback to the days when stages were irregular and sound quality was a hand in the cap. I loved playing that room last night, and I'm holding onto these moments in my memory, because I had a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes, I said it. My bass player is one of my best friends, my performance coach, songwriting friend, and also the most critical bastard you've ever met. His old friends label him as 'caustic' and that describes him to a tee. However, I have say, Wayne Evans has helped me in every way. 

His musical career began long before my mother even moved out of her parent's house. He likes to remind me that when he was my age, he was just getting off the road and retiring from professional music! Here he is in all his baddass bass fatness with 'The Nocturnals- Because You're Gone' 

The Nocturnals were the coolest band around Vancouver in the 60's. They started as an instrumental dance ensemble playing jazz standards, latin, swing, shuffle, bossanova, and of course rock and roll! Enter Billy McBeth at age 16 a year later, and BOOM! the little drummer boy brought life to the original R&B music with groovy vocals. 

My main man Wayne wrote their biggest radio hit 'Baby This Ain't Love' and to this day, still brags about his socan royalty payments of approximately $7 every few months :) 

Meeting Wayne Evans changed my life forever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drummer Euphoria!

So whilst searching the nether regions of my musical connections, it appears my networking has paid off. Our show at 'Guilt and Co.' in Gastown is something to look forward crowd...guarantee...all this this points to me hiring a really good drummer who can make those fast swing to latin changes, and play a perfect shuffle. Believe me, my bass player Wayne Evans is a crank about who he has to play with, and god knows I'd never hear the end of it if I hired someone he didn't approve of. Darrell Mayes is with us for the Love Vancouver Festival hosted by Byron James and sponsored by CBC. Both Steve Ranta and Wayne are very happy about that; so am I. However, Darrell is not available Jun 10th when we're at GUILT. 

Thus the search begins...John free??? youhopeso? gotta check your calendar? call me back later? oh, can't do it, damn...Chris Nordquist you say, okay i'll give him a call...thanks for his number..Hi Chris? my name's Wendy... blah blah...what? you're on stage at the Hyack festival about to play with Jim Byrnes in New West, and you really want to do the night but you have to check your calendar? you'll call me tomorrow morning?? okay...(starting to see a theme..all good drummers are working. end of story) Hi Chris! what? gotta job from 7-9 in West Van and can't make it for a 830 sound check with us...mmmmmm. ......Hi Chris! wow found a guy who you think is right for the job and is NOT working that night? yay! you're the best!! Loren Etkin is my guy! He's played with so many people i'm not even going to list them. Right now he's backing Kenny Wayne- Boogie and more Mr. R&B. Even my bitchy old bass player agrees. This guy will be really good. 

So thanks to all the above mentioned stick twirlers who helped me out in finding the right guy. I haven't even met Chris, and I really like him. John's a dashing sweetheart, i feel safe with him behind me. Darrell's my number one pick right now after, of course, the the untouchably talented Billy McBeth who also doubles as a very good friend and songwriting partner.

take care all! hope to see you out at some of our bookings! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I feel like the luckiest gal in the world and I'm savouring every moment. As quickly as life's joys are handed out, so are challenges. Its been a whirlwind of a week. Billy McBeth has been staying with me for the past 9 days, and we've been extremely productive. Not only have we recorded a 9 song demo album, performed live with some of Vancouver's greatest players, and shared laughs over a few bottles of red wine but we managed to pump out a fantastic funky groove tune. Billy took the raw track to his old pal Brian Newcomb, bass player extrodinaire, and got the smoothest growliest bass track I've ever heard. Then Billy put down some guitar and drums, and finally we added the vocals. It went so fast, as we were carried away in a flurry of creative fury. Can't wait to hear the final mix, It's such a departure from what I'm used to singing. Such a pleasure writing and working with Mr. McBeth. 

Our performance last night was stellar. Dave Vidal (my fav guitar player in town) dropped by and showed his chops with class and style - what a treat - Ray Ayotte sat in on drums for a couple of tunes, and overall, the connection between my core guys was amazing. Wayne Evans (bass) and Billy have been playing together for almost 50 years! Steve Ranta (keys)fit right in and man, I was honoured to be singing with such competent professionals. The boys are all so good to me....THANKYOU 

to hear our newest recordings,
please visit

thanks and take care!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


music is a tough business, and i'm just doing it for fun! every new direction is sooooo tempting, and there is a whirlwind of people smiling, shaking hands, dancing, loving, and many haters too. pointing fingers and criticizing, causing me to stop and think from time to this right for me? oh yeah it has to be. no other option. stay grounded, focus on what's important. my kids and family, my garden and my dog. not to mention my day job that i worked at for 10 years before sucessfully earning the seniority i have now. really, it's all in my head, and i create my own destiny. on that note i'm going to quiet down my mind, and slow down a bit. more research, more rehearsal with the guys i know and enjoy the best. wrote a couple of new tunes, one jazz and one blues. record record, keep myself surrounded by the folks who know what's best for me, and will always be straight up and honest about everything.

next show scheduled for May 13th.
the Main on Main 4210 main st. 10 pm

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


March is going to be a fun month! Two performances, one Sat. March 12 at the Main.
Then the following weekend, friday March 18th at a new venue, LanaLou's on Powell st.

I'm also doing a few tunes at a private work fuction at the Yale on the 26th, so that's something to look forward to as well. I have been very focused on learning new tunes to build up the set lists, and just have about 5 more to go before I have a full show. YAY! The band of magnificent men around me is building too. Along with Steve Ranta on Keys and Wayne Evans on Bass, Jack Lavin will be performing with us. There will be a host of instruments there, and the guys are going to move around a small kit,  1962 fender jazz bass, a harmonica and i'm still trying to convince one of them to bring out the SG. I'm in a band with a talented piano man and two bass players. What more could i ask for???

Hope to see you all at either performance. LanaLou's is going to be extra special, as it's a double bill. Slowpoke and the Smoke (one of my favorite pyschedelic doowop zappa tribute bands) will be playing after us, so after our set we get to sit down and enjoy an awesomely entertaining show by Tony Bardach, Bradford Lambert and Eric Napier.

take care!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cab Calloway - Reefer Man High Quality

Here's a gem. Cab Calloway singing Reefer Man.

It's no secret that I have a thing for really good bass players..they just seem to catch my attention and hold onto my heart :)

I wish I knew who this bass player was, his palm slap style is crazy and has me swooning! On the second time around, I couldn't take my eyes off the trumpet player in the back with his antics and his gold hat. Not to mention how much fun these boys seem to be having..sure looks like Calloway runs a tight ship. Enjoy- and by the way, I've added this tune to my set list. Now if only i can figure out a way to perform with Dave Videl on guitar again. That was a pleasant surprise last saturday at the Heritage, I wasn't expecting Jack to ask me to sing. Dave's the best guitar player I've played with yet, and now I know exactly what guitar sound I want.

LANALOU'S Fri March 18th is our next show. Details to be released soon, very soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last night we recorded our reheasal. Here are the four tunes which we hammered out. The song "Mellow Stuff" is my favorite right now, and one of the most vocally challenging, as the melody is up and down like a mexican jumping bean, and ends on a very low note. We learned it, practised it once, then recorded it off the cuff. Steve and Wayne are so damn fine! The history of the original recording is very interesting. 'Mellow Stuff' was recorded in Chicago, and nothing is known about the singer, Lil Johnson except that she recorded from 1929- 1935. No record of where she was born or where she died.

The others songs we whirled through were,
'Sugar in my Bowl' by Bessie Smith ( my other fav)
'Last Time I Fool Around With You by Muddy Waters (an obscure Muddy Waters song)
'St. Louis Blues' WC Handy made popular by Bessie Smith in the Movie by the same title.

Hope you enjoy my journey into the past, to revive some of the most inspirational music I know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wendy Biscuit at the Main

Here we are at The Main on Main. I find this video prophetic. Liziloo made the recording on her old blackberry, without being prompted. We Performed two 45 minute sets, thank goodness my voice held out. the only real glitches that evening were, by chance alone, captured on the hand held mobile device. The boys are great, but I lose time..last time i'll make that mistake. I wasn't sure if I would post such an error, however i remembered that i wanted to document all my explorations while discovering the blues. Another point of view, alot of the old great singers lost time regularily- it was part of the swing. Not in my case though, i'm simply losing time :) Steve Ranta, Wayne Evans, Wendy Biscuit perform Smoke that Cigarette by Tex Williams and Billy's Blues by Billy Holiday . One of these days we'll get a good recording!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Deacon Moves In-Little Esther & The Dominoes (1951).wmv

Oooooo....This tune is so dirty! even for 1951. But Little Esther has a way doesn't she?
my favorite line is

'want that true religion
yeah you got the tender pigeon'

I thought there was
censorship in the 50's!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wendy Biscuit - St Louis Blues

More of the same funny faces and flailing arms. Same great players, what a blast! The Marine Pub is the place to be on a Sunday night, and it's over early so you can still get up for work Monday. Andrea and Don are wonderful hosts. I

Wendy Biscuit performs with the Marine Pub All-Star House Band

Here I am, lucky enough to be surrounded by great players...Don Jones on guitar; Steve Ranta on keys; Kenny no last name :) on sax; Keith Bennett on harmonica; Rob Mar on bass; James Badger on drums. This was never rehearsed, just performed. It's bittersweet to watch myself, now I know not to flail my arms so much (I'm used to holding a guitar on stage) and also, I need to be careful about making funny faces!! These guys are so good at what they do, and I'm blessed to have them to cut my blues teeth on. What a fortunate beginner I am to have talented and patiently fun mentors. Count down to the debut solo show with Steve Ranta and Wayne Evans- 4 more sleeps!!

ps. thanks to my mom (who is almost 70 years old and can still party like a wildcat) for taking this these vids with my blackberry....thanks liziloo!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain

Here she is, Sister Rosetta Tharpe!  Born in the South, then moved with her family to Chicago in the late 1920's she began performing at age 4. Although Chuck Berry is widely credited as bringing on the Rock & Roll music movement, it is quite clear who coined all those cool guitar licks long before...I've even heard Sister Rosetta scooted across the stage while playing her electric guitar with an entire gospel choir behind her. Now that's some footage I'd love to see. Yet another virtuoso female musical pioneer. Drink it up!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

rehearsal went great. recorded the whole thing with my zoom. bear with me, i now have to figure out how to upload, edit and convert the files to mp3- might take a couple of days. wayne and i called billybags but he didn't pick-up. hope he likes his message. thinking that i need to review those nine tunes he sent me a while back. what i need the most at this point is good vocal stamina. rant is fab, what a rock!
thank god it's rehearsal tonight! my two glorious hours that are all about the love of music that we share. dig working with these boys and the others too. one more week until our first performance..old jazz and blues is a treasure to sing, and i just love not having to worry about playing an instrument in this project. can't believe i snubbed the blues for so long. so much more than just 12 bars of simple chord progressions...