Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes, I said it. My bass player is one of my best friends, my performance coach, songwriting friend, and also the most critical bastard you've ever met. His old friends label him as 'caustic' and that describes him to a tee. However, I have say, Wayne Evans has helped me in every way. 

His musical career began long before my mother even moved out of her parent's house. He likes to remind me that when he was my age, he was just getting off the road and retiring from professional music! Here he is in all his baddass bass fatness with 'The Nocturnals- Because You're Gone' 

The Nocturnals were the coolest band around Vancouver in the 60's. They started as an instrumental dance ensemble playing jazz standards, latin, swing, shuffle, bossanova, and of course rock and roll! Enter Billy McBeth at age 16 a year later, and BOOM! the little drummer boy brought life to the original R&B music with groovy vocals. 

My main man Wayne wrote their biggest radio hit 'Baby This Ain't Love' and to this day, still brags about his socan royalty payments of approximately $7 every few months :) 

Meeting Wayne Evans changed my life forever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drummer Euphoria!

So whilst searching the nether regions of my musical connections, it appears my networking has paid off. Our show at 'Guilt and Co.' in Gastown is something to look forward to...new venue...new crowd...guarantee...all this this points to me hiring a really good drummer who can make those fast swing to latin changes, and play a perfect shuffle. Believe me, my bass player Wayne Evans is a crank about who he has to play with, and god knows I'd never hear the end of it if I hired someone he didn't approve of. Darrell Mayes is with us for the Love Vancouver Festival hosted by Byron James and sponsored by CBC. Both Steve Ranta and Wayne are very happy about that; so am I. However, Darrell is not available Jun 10th when we're at GUILT. 

Thus the search begins...John Nolan...you free??? youhopeso? gotta check your calendar? call me back later? oh, can't do it, damn...Chris Nordquist you say, okay i'll give him a call...thanks for his number..Hi Chris? my name's Wendy... blah blah...what? you're on stage at the Hyack festival about to play with Jim Byrnes in New West, and you really want to do the night but you have to check your calendar? you'll call me tomorrow morning?? okay...(starting to see a theme..all good drummers are working. end of story) Hi Chris! what? gotta job from 7-9 in West Van and can't make it for a 830 sound check with us...mmmmmm. ......Hi Chris! wow found a guy who you think is right for the job and is NOT working that night? yay! you're the best!! Loren Etkin is my guy! He's played with so many people i'm not even going to list them. Right now he's backing Kenny Wayne- Boogie and more Mr. R&B. Even my bitchy old bass player agrees. This guy will be really good. 

So thanks to all the above mentioned stick twirlers who helped me out in finding the right guy. I haven't even met Chris, and I really like him. John's a dashing sweetheart, i feel safe with him behind me. Darrell's my number one pick right now after, of course, the the untouchably talented Billy McBeth who also doubles as a very good friend and songwriting partner.

take care all! hope to see you out at some of our bookings! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I feel like the luckiest gal in the world and I'm savouring every moment. As quickly as life's joys are handed out, so are challenges. Its been a whirlwind of a week. Billy McBeth has been staying with me for the past 9 days, and we've been extremely productive. Not only have we recorded a 9 song demo album, performed live with some of Vancouver's greatest players, and shared laughs over a few bottles of red wine but we managed to pump out a fantastic funky groove tune. Billy took the raw track to his old pal Brian Newcomb, bass player extrodinaire, and got the smoothest growliest bass track I've ever heard. Then Billy put down some guitar and drums, and finally we added the vocals. It went so fast, as we were carried away in a flurry of creative fury. Can't wait to hear the final mix, It's such a departure from what I'm used to singing. Such a pleasure writing and working with Mr. McBeth. 

Our performance last night was stellar. Dave Vidal (my fav guitar player in town) dropped by and showed his chops with class and style - what a treat - Ray Ayotte sat in on drums for a couple of tunes, and overall, the connection between my core guys was amazing. Wayne Evans (bass) and Billy have been playing together for almost 50 years! Steve Ranta (keys)fit right in and man, I was honoured to be singing with such competent professionals. The boys are all so good to me....THANKYOU 

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thanks and take care!