Sunday, November 24, 2013


I've learned a lot since I embarked upon this goal to become a professional musician three years ago. It was a decision that I made fairly late in life, and I wonder just how much more I would have accomplished up until now if I had stayed focused on my music career from a much earlier age. It's the only thing I've ever really dreamed of doing, other than writing prose. 

There are many different groups of performers who hang tight with each other in this town, and watch each other's backs, and hire each other. I have never been called to work by anyone other than the venue owners/bookers who I have made the effort to connect with. Not even agents seem interested in what I have to offer. I haven't given it much thought however, because I am extremely happy with the amount of work I have within the professional music world, and even happier with the friendships I have formed with those who hire me to provide entertainment. 

The support I receive from those who believe in my original music is far more valuable to me than money and gigs, and all of that seems to fall into place perfectly these days, without compromising my self-worth as a professional :) It wasn't always like that, I worked hard to build up my professional relationships, placing priority on providing the highest quality entertainment possible. 

I've learned that it's not important to play in every venue I possibly can. It's more important to build up consistency and loyalty with fewer local venues that believe in what I do, and trust that I will offer them more than what they expect in terms of quality, sincerity and integrity. This belief has lead me to some great relationships based on hard work, professionalism and humility. Yes, I saturate my social networking feeds with shameless self promotion, but I believe in what I do, who I do it with and who I do it for. It seems that water has indeed sought its own level and I am thankful to be surrounded by my colleagues, fans and bosses.

It's a personal journey, this music thing that I do.. and as much as I get frustrated and disillusioned at times because I don't get invited to be in the other musician 'clubs,'  I couldn't quit even if I tried, simply because of the amazing personal relationships I have developed. I have to remind myself that although 
I've been performing musically since age three, I've only just now encountered 'the scene' of where Vancouver music professionals have been busting their asses for decades to hammer out a living. For this again I am grateful and humbled by the success that has come my way, and I measure this success based on the incredible new friendships this journey of love and music has brought me :)

I'm proud to have performed regularly this past year at,

The Heritage Grill
The Fat Cow and Oyster Bar
Cory Weed's Cellar Jazz Club
The Fairview Pub
Falconetti's East Side Grill
Rockamole's now Villa Toscana
Kingfisher's Waterfront Grill
Murrayville Town Pub

God help me if I have forgotten anybody..

Looking forward to 2014.. The Dirty Swing Band will be bringing in the new year at Ginger 62 on the Granville entertainment Strip in Vantown :) one day at a time!! 

This biscuit is over and out.