Thursday, September 29, 2011


This Saturday Oct 1st. I'm stoked to perform at 'The Church of The Blues' aka The Dewdney Pub.

Located 10 minutes east of Mission BC in the quaint one- horse town of Dewdney/Deroche. There's a General store that sells feed and booze, a cafe, an old school arcade (minus Mz Pacman) and The Pub. I've only been there once two years back..My main man Wayne Evans took me for a summer afternoon spin in his suped up restored Volvo and somehow we ended up at the Dewdney.

We listened to my Mississippi Penitentiary call- and- answer- style- blues CD which complimented the contrast of the sense of freedom I felt curving through the Fraser Delta Farmland on the old Hwy 7 East with my favorite bass player. Wayne is the best date..He bought my fries as we listened to the Blues Jam that takes place every Sunday afternoon at the venue. Greg Thompson runs it, and runs it well. He has all house gear, a fantastic sound system and a loyal group of talented players who congregate for weekly music mass in the renovated Church which still holds the post and beam charm and history beyond what any of the walls can tell us.

This Saturday I'm fortunate enough again to have Jack Lavin on bass- simply put- he's the perfect fit..Steve Ranta bringing energy and style within bottomless talent..and Greg himself on drums! Some great players will drop by, I just know it. It's gonna be a party..Park your trials and tribulations at the door...There'll be plenty sinnin' with this line- up..Wendy Biscuit Blues will Confess with Absolution...

Show starts 8:30 pm 

Oh Yeah...there's a shuttle bus for any and all drunkards who are interested. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last night's debut performance with Jack Lavin at The Heritage Grill in New West was a hoot. Jack and the boys are quickly making my dreams come true. We had a few kinks in the first set (my fault of course) but after we began to trust each other it blended so well I felt like we'd been playing together for months. Mind you, Steve Ranta and Jack played together in the Kingpins for five years, so they understand each other's style quite well. Loren Etkin was a Sherman tank on drums and kept rolling the beat- steady and clean with colour...thank you Loren!

The Heritage Grill is a great supporter of live music and it's a pleasure to perform there...David Charan is just a sweetheart and it took everything I had not to put him in my purse and take him home..what
gentlemen he and Paul are. I can't wait to play that stage again...David plays guitar and I plan to check him out live sometime! Maybe its time to dust off my Dayton's and head down to the's been a while since i stumbled down those stairs..

Anyway! Wendy Biscuit swings forward to another date of delicious fun as we take the show back to the sultry stage at 'Guilt and Company' I'm looking forward to seeing the lovely staff again at Guilt, it's gonna be a great night. Jack Lavin on bass; Steve Ranta on keys; and for the first time with Wendy Biscuit-  the critically acclaimed John Nolan on drums! Show starts 9pm on Tues Sept. 20th

Wendy Biscuit @ Guilt
Tues Sept. 20th 9pm- 12am
#1 Alexander street - in the basement

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wendy Biscuit @ The Cottage

Nothing much to say. Lotsa shows coming up. Loving every minute of it.
Here's a fun night at the Cottage Bistro with the Voytcheff - Moore Collective. Steve Ranta
on Keys, Loren Etkin on drums, and my favourite guitar player...Dave Vidal...

seeya soon!!!