Friday, June 29, 2012


My brain is through the roof.. I have have so much in my head and quite a bit more to add to it. I'm looking forward to all my upcoming gigs.. the dirty swing band is a tight ship. I'm digging the challenge of building a solo act as well. I can confidently pull off one set.. two sets is a little more work.. I bet all the old veterans would laugh at me right now, cause they all know what it's like to sit up there and keep the crowd entertained and the music flowing for hours on end.. i'm pretty new at performing solo.. unless you count busking on Granville and Seymour for french fries and  green hair dye back in the early 90's. (i will always maintain that i made good money busking!)


July 7th The Heritage Grill (my birthday)
July 9th Music on the Wharf
July 21st Kingfishers Grill
August 3rd The Cellar Jazz Club
August 24th The Fairview

and a bunch of solo acts in between .. particularily happy to do a solo act with the Downtown Maple Ridge noon hour concert series.. just me and my guitar and the folks of 224th st at Memorial Park :)

a couple of interesting projects coming up at the Railway Club and a live radio broadcast.. I'll keep you posted..

and The Hardrock Miner's Singalong this Mon. July 2nd.. but that's a whole new blog ....

Monday, June 25, 2012


The music business is a tough place.. where I'm at anyway.. I'm learning how to hustle 
and it ain't easy. Lotsa bands, fewer and fewer venues. When I started this blog I wanted to keep a journal of my learnings 
and i haven't stopped learning yet.

#1 - when they all told me years ago to keep believing in myself they were right

#2 - nobody's gonna do anything for you so 
be thankful for everything because its a 

#3 - listen to the bass player

#4 - grow the thickest hide possible and reinforce it with good faith

#5 - take risks and hope for the best

 I play music because I love it and I love 
the folks I play it with. Everyone will 
always have an opinion.. music is fairly subjective and we all know what we like. I just want it to be as good as it can be. Some folks support you, others don't, so don't 
rely on others for continued success. Don't stop promoting cause  a quality product is worth it. Life without performing live music would suck, so I'll carry on thank- you, I've still got some stripes to earn......