Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sinatra had it right. Not only was he handsome, talented, cocky and in command..he had his own style.

I get alot of advice and critcism from alot of people. One thing I know for sure is that I respect every word of feedback I receive. I don't however, always adhere to it.

Since completing half of my Blues album, I'm more convinced than ever that I can only creatively produce what I have dwelling inside of me. If this means that I'll never be a commercially viable musician than so be it. Music has always been a personal journey and celebration that I share with others who enjoy what I'm capable of. I don't expect anything from my efforts. Regardless, I am driven forward to discover whats exciting and new, while staying true to what moves me musically and connects me with others who I learn endlessly from.

Pretty happy to be at home in my pyjamas this Saturday night and hoping that I'm doing what's right by following a passion greater than anything I can understand. Not worried about failure, cause there's nothing to lose.

Except money- 

What would Frank do?