Sunday, September 2, 2012


Okay folks! It's been a long time since I blogged so let's keep ya'll INFORMED!! I've had some tremendously fun and creative experiences with some amazing local music legends including a night of jazz and blues featuring Jack Stafford on sax and flute.. (there will be more of that!) as well as a wedding with jazz greats Henry Young and Doug Louie. I am spoiled! The Dirty Swing Band is as tight as can be and lately every venue we've been at has had the dance floor packed with music- loving party animals. Thanks be to the boys.. Jack Lavin, Dave Webb, Marty Bernard and Mr. John Nolan.

I'm now at the level of the dreaded agent... up until now its been a labour of love for me and a rush to book the best rooms in town all by my little old unknown self.. and I'm proud of the fact that I shamelessly sell and promote the band BECAUSE THEY ARE DAMN GOOD!! 

Some agents are knocking, some are peeking around the door to see what the Biscuit is up to next. I feel like I need to be two steps ahead of it all because being the original weirdo that I am, I'd rather fall into obscurity than be pigeon- holed into a role or genre that doesn't fulfill my heart and soul.. 

All I want to do is put smiles on people's faces and take them away from their troubles for a few hours in the evening- make them feel safe and create an atmosphere that is based on freedom of expression and all- inclusive enjoyment of life!

All this who's who and what are they up to? The undercutting and back- talking is doing a number on my head so I'm taking to the ethereal quill to vent something that's been gnawing at me for only a slight while. I promised to be honest. I promised to stay true to my dream of reaching out through the medium of music to tell a story and stay sincere and try my best. 

Being a professional musician pays like shit at the best of times.. but now I'm encountering the insidiousness of so- called business men who lock down venues simply so they can profit off the bands they hire. So far I have been able to do everything and more than any agent has ever offered me. Or, perhaps I have yet to meet the right one for me. Regardless..... 

STAY THE COURSE BISCUIT!! (the voices say)