Monday, November 26, 2012

Bandmates and Heartaches

Haven't blogged in a while.. busy on a Steven Spielburg Dreamworks Show.. and the fun filled drama of being a bandleader has kept my tongue under wraps for fear that I may publicly declare damaging or hurtful words. So dust has settled and emotions are clear and in check.. Getting ready to record a  whack of new tunes and finish my first CD. The day-job has definitely been delaying this process.
Cut to the chase. Way too much ego in this industry. Now that I've re-arranged the line-up of players in the Dirty Swing Band I am thrilled to say that I am so on track with my original goals of sharing creative expression and what comes from within with others who enjoy original music as much as I do.

Being surrounded by supportive and encouraging friends and players is the greatest feeling and truly a gift I appreciate more each and every day.

My research on swing music has become a full blown obsession and I can only move forward with faith in the many talented folks I am influenced by. As soon as this film contract is up I can finalize a date and get into the studio in order to offer my soul to all those who are interested and understand my message. LIFE IS A GIFT

Come down this Sunday and hear the new originals before anyone else. These Sunday brunch shows are lovely.