Monday, February 18, 2013


Hey! I've got exciting news.. after a couple of years off, Randall Crow is starting up a rocking Blues Jam in Maple Ridge again!

Randall is special to me and here's why- when I first started performing my original music with my friend Trina after 10 years of taking a break to raise my kids, Randall gave me a stage, encouragement and listening ears. I didn't know much if anything about blues music.. so it's fairly safe to say that Randall introduced me to Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Albert King etc...... He was also one of my first friends in Maple Ridge, in a time when I felt very displaced.

(this pic was taken the very first night trina and i met randy)

He's a genuine Bluesman on all accounts. Born and raised outside of Stockton California in a settlement he called Okieville (His grandfather was an Okie and an entrepreneur who traveled from the midwest during the great depression) A pillar of strength, Randall's grandfather taught him how to plow a straight line, love the land, raise cattle and work with the highest integrity. Randall has raised cattle most of his life and worked on the railroad before he moved out to Maple Ridge.

Randall bought his first guitar when he was 15 for $0.50. It was cracked and only had two strings. After learning just about every bass line he could on those two strings, he found himself hungry for more. Over the years Randall absorbed everything he could to fuel his obsession with the blues. He recalls the first time he saw a Blues concert in Toronto. It was the fellows from Chicago such as Luther Allison and Buddy Guy that blew his mind and then he knew that there was no end to exploring and expressing oneself through Blues music. 

Here we are very fortunate to have some of the greatest live music venues in the lower mainland such as Kingfisher's Waterfront Grill and The Billy Miner... 

Randall's Blues Jams are famous in Maple Ridge and beyond.. there's no doubt WE HAVE MISSED HIM. He offers something that few else can.. his own unique brand of heart and soul and belief in what he does and says. He speaks his mind and will shake your hand with a smile and charactor. His jams have always been successful, entertaining and unlike any other Blues jam you've ever been to. Anyone who knows him will say the same thing.. "never been to Randy's jam? can't explain it.. you just have to come see for yourself."

And indeed you must!! He's starting up with a four piece band.. keys, guitar, bass and drums... come early and sign up to play .. The venue is.. 

Starting SAT. Feb.23

The Army, Navy and Airforce Club 
22326 North Ave -Maple Ridge

just south of Lougheed Hwy 
and runs every Sat. from 6-10 pm

The kitchen is open, and the beverages are very affordable! This one's about the music.. and about my special friend Randall Crow.. I hope this jam takes off and continues.. I will be there right after my songwriters circle/ open mic at Falconetti's on 2nd and Commercial in Vancouver. It ends at 6pm so timing is perfect! Come support local music! If you can make it out, spread the word. There's no one like Randall and those who know him well know this without a doubt...