Friday, June 21, 2013


Two and half years have past now since I've started this little project. It's been such an incredible journey to date, and I so look forward to what the future brings.. I never expected to meet all these incredible new friends. I never thought I would have the honour of performing with such amazing talented musicians in such exciting venues! What a grand experience and how much fun it continues to provide. 

Since branching out as a solo artist as well as 'bandleader' (I use that term somewhat reluctantly, do I deserve that title??) I have made even more friends and carved out a whole new path within my creative infrastructure. Now more than ever I open my musical destiny to the powers that be and continue to learn, perform, share and entertain.

Still entirely INDIE! I am open to representation.. but it seems more than ever I am destined to be on my own..and I am comfortable here. I am blessed with support from many sincere individuals and God help me if I ever lose sight of that gratitude. 

I absolutely love playing my original BISCUIT music as a solo/duo/trio, and will continue my love for swing and Blues music as an ensemble with THE DIRTY SWING BAND.

The new website is launched and FRESH*HOT*SWING is available for purchase on CD Baby. What's my next step? I have some goals to focus on but mostly I'd like to work on putting my American Passport and Social Security number to work and start looking for venues south of the border. Also, another original album... okay, so! Now that my intent has been offered to the universe I will put my nose to the grindstone and hope for the best.

Not too concerned about failure at this point because even small accomplishments feel like major victories and simply add gravy to this l'il biscuit....