Wednesday, March 2, 2011


March is going to be a fun month! Two performances, one Sat. March 12 at the Main.
Then the following weekend, friday March 18th at a new venue, LanaLou's on Powell st.

I'm also doing a few tunes at a private work fuction at the Yale on the 26th, so that's something to look forward to as well. I have been very focused on learning new tunes to build up the set lists, and just have about 5 more to go before I have a full show. YAY! The band of magnificent men around me is building too. Along with Steve Ranta on Keys and Wayne Evans on Bass, Jack Lavin will be performing with us. There will be a host of instruments there, and the guys are going to move around a small kit,  1962 fender jazz bass, a harmonica and i'm still trying to convince one of them to bring out the SG. I'm in a band with a talented piano man and two bass players. What more could i ask for???

Hope to see you all at either performance. LanaLou's is going to be extra special, as it's a double bill. Slowpoke and the Smoke (one of my favorite pyschedelic doowop zappa tribute bands) will be playing after us, so after our set we get to sit down and enjoy an awesomely entertaining show by Tony Bardach, Bradford Lambert and Eric Napier.

take care!