Sunday, April 3, 2011


music is a tough business, and i'm just doing it for fun! every new direction is sooooo tempting, and there is a whirlwind of people smiling, shaking hands, dancing, loving, and many haters too. pointing fingers and criticizing, causing me to stop and think from time to this right for me? oh yeah it has to be. no other option. stay grounded, focus on what's important. my kids and family, my garden and my dog. not to mention my day job that i worked at for 10 years before sucessfully earning the seniority i have now. really, it's all in my head, and i create my own destiny. on that note i'm going to quiet down my mind, and slow down a bit. more research, more rehearsal with the guys i know and enjoy the best. wrote a couple of new tunes, one jazz and one blues. record record, keep myself surrounded by the folks who know what's best for me, and will always be straight up and honest about everything.

next show scheduled for May 13th.
the Main on Main 4210 main st. 10 pm