Monday, April 15, 2013

triskaidekaphobia VS. FRESH*HOT*SWING

For as long as I can remember my Father would find me on the morning of every Friday the thirteenth and ask, "Biscuit, do you have triskaidekaphobia" It got old after a while. But I'll never forget that word. My answer was always no. I was never afraid of the number 13. It's an outcast number, shunned upon avoided, but seems to possess some kind of ominous powers. Thirteen never seemed like much of a threat always remaining aloof, yet standing out 

My Dad's birthday was January 13 1932. He died of Cancer 13 years ago. Jan. 13, 2013 I had a recording session and made an album of 13 songs. Not on purpose, the CD's were delivered March 13th. 

So thank God I don't have triskaidekaphobia. Like I've said before my father is the reason why I play and write music. He died the year 2000 Victoria Day weekend and I've got a performance on that weekend at The Cellar Jazz Club with Dave Webb and John Nolan. I have met some of my father's old friends there from time to time (he used to teach Russian literature at UBC) and am looking forward to the show. I'm digging the trio. lotsa room for fun and expression. 

Missing you Dan Le Van, think of you often!