Saturday, March 24, 2012


It's been a busy week of firsts.. next week promises more of the same. It's amazing that when put in perspective, what may seem like grand accomplishments are really nothing more than simple validation that really hard work and a whole lot of faith and hope can give back a bit.. This little tune plays a part in that script.. 

I'm both relieved and anxious to report that as of next Friday March 30th.. this song, 'Crossroad Friend' combined with the wonderful folks at 'Warner Bros' officially gives me the title of 'published composer.' Talk about happy dance! Only a year ago I was fumbling through a shaky set list and trying to gain confidence to be a competent band leader (still working on the band leader thing) It's only being used as background music on the hit series 'Supernatural,' but every small step feels like a giant leap considering all that i've learned recently.

Also had my first encounter with the press.. yes it's only the local paper, but i'm humbled by what it takes to have even a small measure of success in this business.. i look to my peers and those who I look up to and think "Wow, this is a lot of work for little pay-off and you've been busting it for thirty years??" My respect and admiration continues to rise for the full-time musicians of Vancouver...anyway.. I hope the gal who writes the column doesn't include all the stupid things that probably came out of my mouth.. i'm biting my nails a little on that one..

Lotsa gigs this week.. me and the boyz are playing 'The Cellar Jazz Club' Wed. the 28th... i'm terrified that the room will be empty..then a local haunt with great live music on the weekends..'Kingfishers Waterfront Grill' in Maple Ridge Friday March 30th.. I'm worried the locals won't dig my brand of jazz and blues.. i'm not a 'standards' girl in any way.. (won't be able to watch my song air because of this gig but rest assured the DVR will be set to record 'Supernatural' @9pm on CW) Finishing off the week and month is a Saturday night at Falconetti's on Commercial Drive. I look forward to consuming a half- price sausage as much as I do performing...whew..

Nothing on the calendar for April, and I think I may keep it that way as I've been brewing up another little basement- based project in a different direction that for now shall remain close to my chest...  :)