Friday, July 26, 2013


Time to reassess my direction and my goals. I have fully come to the realization that I need to stop trying to be in one particular genre and simply focus on offering my own brand of original music. Which doesn't REALLY fit in anywhere, (Jazz? Blues? Rockabilly? Country? Roots? all and none of the above)but that's rather prophetic and almost predictable isn't it? 

When I first came to bat it was Blues that brought me to first base. Ultimately I am not truly a blues singer.. If i'm going to remain interested in the hustling my ass off to keep my head above water in this business, I need the passion that derives from my personal journey into original music. I feel like a dud sometimes, never leaving the house unless its work related. Torn between wanting so badly to support other artists (NOT just musicians) and going crazy trying to rip the radio out of my head that won't shut off. 

Desperately not wanting to find myself 'competing' with other talented individuals.. and most of all being true to the creative muses that drive me to write, produce and learn more everyday. Practise practise practise. Who are my real friends? Stay home stay safe. 

Looking at my calendar, i clearly won't be taking a break while I do some shifting.. and who knows? Maybe it won't be that different to what I'm already working on? 'Follow your heart' my trusted peers tell me. My heart tells me not to focus on making an impression, but providing and sharing a lasting and memorable moment in time, with genuine connection and honest vulnerability.  

I love watching the dancers when I perform..I am a little envious (i'm a terrible dancer) but my role as musician is my way of being involved in the expression of movement..that has been the impetus behind the two latest originals brought to the band members. Rooted in blues, one ridiculous funk tune, one auto-biographical shuffle. We'll see how they go over at the Heritage Grill this Sat. 27th. Hopefully the good folks get moving on the dance floor.