Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's been a while since i blogged, so here's what's new. work and lotsa work at my day job in the costume dept. on the film set for 'supernatural' season 7. trying only to book a couple shows a month maximum. looking forward to the next 'wendy biscuit' show at the heritage grill on sept. 10 my first night with jack lavin on bass for the show    !!!    a little nervous because i've never played a whole night without wayne.

also excited about playing a night out at the dewdney pub Oct.1 with steve, jack, and greg thompson on drums.  never played with or even met greg, but if jack says he's a good drummer, then i know he's a good drummer! 

writing writing and writing...took a swing at writing more jazz tunes and out popped a tune that i'm pretty excited about. i teamed up with the lovely kathryn baird, who has amazing jazz chops on keys and tremendous technical skill-  not to mention unbridled creativity oozing out of her fingertips. we are dabbling around in a new original all- female jazz and blues ensemble....and things are getting heated! i truly enjoy writing with her, and am looking forward to where this project is headed...i'll definitely be keeping you posted on that!