Monday, June 25, 2012


The music business is a tough place.. where I'm at anyway.. I'm learning how to hustle 
and it ain't easy. Lotsa bands, fewer and fewer venues. When I started this blog I wanted to keep a journal of my learnings 
and i haven't stopped learning yet.

#1 - when they all told me years ago to keep believing in myself they were right

#2 - nobody's gonna do anything for you so 
be thankful for everything because its a 

#3 - listen to the bass player

#4 - grow the thickest hide possible and reinforce it with good faith

#5 - take risks and hope for the best

 I play music because I love it and I love 
the folks I play it with. Everyone will 
always have an opinion.. music is fairly subjective and we all know what we like. I just want it to be as good as it can be. Some folks support you, others don't, so don't 
rely on others for continued success. Don't stop promoting cause  a quality product is worth it. Life without performing live music would suck, so I'll carry on thank- you, I've still got some stripes to earn......

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  1. That's the greatest attitude to have...Keep up the good work...You're a star!