Monday, October 10, 2011


Is this how it's supposed to happen?? I make my calls this morning to book a night in December and a question is posed "it's me or him. you have to make a decision!" Now I'm not good when backed up to a wall, and won't draw conclusions quickly, especially when i have so much respect for all of my players......I like them all...why can't they just play together??? I suppose it was inevitable...this just happened sooner than I expected, and now with a booking four weeks away I've got some scrambling to do because after I deflected the decision, there were consequences and I'm one man down... but I've got some ideas, I've always got ideas.

The last time this happened I ended up with Rick Tippe's band backing Trina and myself with 'Hawkin's Revenge' at The Fairview. I think we only had two weeks to find players...and they had to learn 11/4 time signatures!!!

Situations like this can only make you stronger...unless I quit altogether...but somehow I don't think that's an option. Time to make some charts and pound the pavement..nothing like a good challenge!

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