Sunday, June 19, 2011


We all know about Amy Winehouse. Her rapid- fire rise to success by channeling the lost sounds of original soul from an older muse and accredited for paving the way for such artists as Adele and Lady Gaga. We also know how her self destructive behaviour unfortunately overshadowed her extraordinary talent. One wonders however, what came first- the destruction or the self? Contemplating who facilitated what, while accepting that as able minded adults, we eventually take responsibility for our actions regardless of how rich and famous we become.

Her recent performance in Belgrade, Serbia shows it all. Forgive me for the analogy, but like a bomb testing in Eastern Europe she detonated. Her management thankfully pulled her from the tour, and cancelled the remaining dates until 'Amy is ready to perform at her full capacity.'

My first reaction is 'poor thing, get her off stage. that's not fair!' Her drugs use has effectively left her with brain damage and early emphysema. Also, I wonder how the band feels..I enjoyed Amy's early career. Her songs were original, and she could really phrase and sing. Amy Winehouse is now 28 years old? I wonder what consumed her? She must have felt tortured somehow in order to behave so self- destructively.

Amy made a contribution to music as an art form and performance. She doesn't seem well enough to perform her booked tour of Europe. Get well soon Amy!

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