Saturday, June 11, 2011


I often find myself taking my life for granted. In retrospect, I could have appreciated a little more the moment we won game 5, standing in the heart of Gastown getting some fresh air before we started our first set at 'Guilt and Company'. Folks were celebrating, the energy was incredible and smiling faces brought together strangers with a sense brotherhood, summer breezes and victory - God, I hope we win the cup this time.

That being said, I've lived in Vancouver my whole life. I remember my first grade field trips to the famous statue of Capt. John Deighton 'Gassy Jack' which marks the place where the maple tree stood next to his 12' by 24' plank- built saloon, The Globe. It only dawned on me as my head hit the pillow after a great night performing with the boys for an ecstatic and eclectic crowd, that over 100 years later Gassy Jack is still standing in the heart of Vancouver partying with the locals and introducing our beautiful city to tourists day in, day out and all through the night. 

Yes there were the panhandlers, and the homeless were meandering amongst the crowd, but the streets belong to them too! Everyone was in such good spirits for even when one worse for wear woman opted to stargaze prone in the middle of the sidewalk, patrons of the various outdoor venues helped her up and sent her on her way quite compassionately. 

Watching the swing dancing from the stage was the highlight of my night. I feel like I can finally  contribute to the entertainment industry as a performer and no, it's not all about me, nor the music. I learned last night that it's about understanding the environment and audience, and simply becoming another cog in the 'celebration of life' machine. 

There are no TV's at Guilt, the bathrooms are unisex, the staff is friendly, the ambiance is totally unique and yes it's hard to get a clear sound because of the exposed, uneven foundation rock walls, but personally I found it a throwback to the days when stages were irregular and sound quality was a hand in the cap. I loved playing that room last night, and I'm holding onto these moments in my memory, because I had a wonderful evening!

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