Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beatles- Why Don't We Do It In The Road

Of all the 12 bar blues tunes recorded by 'The Beatles' (Yer Blues, Slow Down etc..) this one is my favourite. 'Why Don't We Do it in the Road' was recorded Oct. 9th and completed Oct. 10th 1968 for release on the White Album. 

This song caused yet another clash between the two big wigs, as McCartney pounded it out with Ringo unbeknownst to John and George who were busy laying down finishing tracks for 'Piggies' and 'Glass Onion' in another room. John expressed hurt feelings, while Paul claimed that he was making good use of valuable studio time when there was nothing else to do. 

Regardless of the unending drama between two massive and ingenious musical egomaniacs, I love this song. Starting with Paul banging on the back of a guitar, hand clapping, piano, drums then later bass and lead guitar- all played by Paul sans the drumming. Apparently Paul became inspired while in India with the Maharishi. He was observing two monkeys going at it in the street and had a realization that humans create a big social and interpersonal mess when trying to find and secure a sexual partner. The streetwise monkeys apparently said it all to Paul, whose thought process I wouldn't want to follow, since I've witnessed monkey- sex in India and I can't imagine ever writing a song about it...

This tune has everything a blues song needs. ear catching repetitive lyrics,  straight 12 bar 1-4-5 chord progression, great back- phrasing, and a soulful tone and theme in which the singer simply wants to get laid. I wanna add this one to my set list...hope the boys are into it....

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  1. My only concern: you might have trouble remembering the lyric(s).