Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last night we recorded our reheasal. Here are the four tunes which we hammered out. The song "Mellow Stuff" is my favorite right now, and one of the most vocally challenging, as the melody is up and down like a mexican jumping bean, and ends on a very low note. We learned it, practised it once, then recorded it off the cuff. Steve and Wayne are so damn fine! The history of the original recording is very interesting. 'Mellow Stuff' was recorded in Chicago, and nothing is known about the singer, Lil Johnson except that she recorded from 1929- 1935. No record of where she was born or where she died.

The others songs we whirled through were,
'Sugar in my Bowl' by Bessie Smith ( my other fav)
'Last Time I Fool Around With You by Muddy Waters (an obscure Muddy Waters song)
'St. Louis Blues' WC Handy made popular by Bessie Smith in the Movie by the same title.

Hope you enjoy my journey into the past, to revive some of the most inspirational music I know.

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