Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wendy Biscuit at the Main

Here we are at The Main on Main. I find this video prophetic. Liziloo made the recording on her old blackberry, without being prompted. We Performed two 45 minute sets, thank goodness my voice held out. the only real glitches that evening were, by chance alone, captured on the hand held mobile device. The boys are great, but I lose time..last time i'll make that mistake. I wasn't sure if I would post such an error, however i remembered that i wanted to document all my explorations while discovering the blues. Another point of view, alot of the old great singers lost time regularily- it was part of the swing. Not in my case though, i'm simply losing time :) Steve Ranta, Wayne Evans, Wendy Biscuit perform Smoke that Cigarette by Tex Williams and Billy's Blues by Billy Holiday . One of these days we'll get a good recording!

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