Monday, January 31, 2011

Wendy Biscuit performs with the Marine Pub All-Star House Band

Here I am, lucky enough to be surrounded by great players...Don Jones on guitar; Steve Ranta on keys; Kenny no last name :) on sax; Keith Bennett on harmonica; Rob Mar on bass; James Badger on drums. This was never rehearsed, just performed. It's bittersweet to watch myself, now I know not to flail my arms so much (I'm used to holding a guitar on stage) and also, I need to be careful about making funny faces!! These guys are so good at what they do, and I'm blessed to have them to cut my blues teeth on. What a fortunate beginner I am to have talented and patiently fun mentors. Count down to the debut solo show with Steve Ranta and Wayne Evans- 4 more sleeps!!

ps. thanks to my mom (who is almost 70 years old and can still party like a wildcat) for taking this these vids with my blackberry....thanks liziloo!

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