Saturday, November 5, 2011


Meet my new friend Willie MacCalder. Who am I kidding? Everyone knows Willie! He began his 40+ year long career as a professional musician as the front man to 'Willie and the Walkers' from Edmonton AB in 1963. The Euro- inspired group were soon signed to Capitol Records, and released a number of incredible tunes that landed plenty of radio play, and a number one hit on the Canadian charts.   

He quit the band to join 'The Powder Blues Band' in the late 70's with Jack and Tom Lavin. 

Isn't he adorable? he looks just like Paul McCartney..

Willie is an amazing musician who attacks the keyboard with unbridled creativity coupled with incredible precision. He is one heavy hitter and I'm scared shitless to play with him for my next two fact, at our rehearsal yesterday I was so intimidated I couldn't even look him in the eye. So much for me and all my confidence...

Here he is today, so handsome!! Will is still very busy, working as a professional piano man..performing as a top solo act or as a sideman anywhere the tides wash him ashore..I'm nervous about our upcoming show at Falconetti's on Commercial Drive, but honoured and excited too.....thanks for joining the Biscuit Blues train, Will...

I'm a lucky gal!

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