Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Mercury goes into retrograde today. Bad time for starting new projects, signing deals and communication. 

Mercury is the messenger and when he appears to be moving backwards because the Earth is traveling faster alongside him, anything involving comprehension and correspondence runs the risk of going awry. If you believe in that crap. 

Mercury in retrograde is just about the only astrological function I respect and fear. Simply because I have had direct experience with numerous endeavours swiftly sailing south within the approximately 3 week duration of challenge and confusion. This particular period starts today and ends Dec. 13th 2011.

So what does it all have to do with the music? Well if I told you, I'd be inviting the little red planet to invade my plans and inspiration only to dissuade and diffuse whatever schemes are brewing up in my brain. So that being said- I won't be doing anything until after Christmas- and maybe even longer. Regardless, its been a busy year and my kids could use a mommy around the house at night time during the holiday season and beyond.   

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