Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Harrison BC is ALWAYS a blast. I love getting the call from my good friends at Rockamole's... this time I got to do things a little differently simply because I can! Because it was only a duo backing me up I thought it might be fun to take the pressure off Dave Webb on keys and bring a guitar to the ensemble.. Now I 'm not a blues player, nor am I a soloist nor am I ANYTHING really.... but because I feel like I'm surrounded by family when I'm up by the lake I wanted to show them a different side of me. 

For four years I had a 'dirty bluegrass' band.. not really a band.. me on guitar, Wayne Evans on bass.. Petrina Baptist singing melody and myself singing harmony.. we called ourselves "Hawkin's Revenge" and we had a lot of fun and entirely too much rye whisky.. anyway.. I wrote about 40 songs for that group and they have mostly been sitting dormant since our dissolve.. Sept 2010

Last Saturday I decided to give the good folks of Harrison BC a taste of 'Wendy Biscuit Solo'.... I wasn't nervous as much as I was hoping that they would understand my own unique brand of original music. The tunes came out as they always used to, and my guitar stayed in tune... my timing stayed on track (thank god!) and the audience appreciated it. WELL! now thats a relief.. putting out heart and soul in the form of original music is always a risk but those who are driven to write and perform really have no choice.. and now that I know it worked.. i'll offer it in other venues as well... 

Mr Webb encouraged me to play ensemble for a few tunes and that made me feel so good! I've always received flack and criticism because my rhythm style is my own and self taught.. but you know what? it worked with these guys! and i liked it! they liked too!! ( i thought they were just saying that to my face but then i heard them commenting about it on a recording my mother took while i was on stage- my heart began to swell..) Have I mentioned that I love the players in my band??? 

Anyway.. it's always a journey and although i love to play guitar and i love my catalogue of past original projects.... I also love just being the singer and being able to pour everything i have into the lyrics, melody and stage performance. However! next time you come to a Wendy Biscuit show... you may just catch me being my own opening act simply because it seemed to work .. :) 

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