Friday, April 13, 2012


Many talented musicians have come very close to my heart this past year.. I am indeed fortunate to have such a wealth of creativity and encouragement amongst my companions, old and new. One man in particular has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and raised the bar of expectations to new proportions that i never dreamed of. That man is Jack Lavin. 

I have always had a love affair with the bass clef.. that's where i learned to read music- in the cello section of the Vancouver Youth Orchestra pit. I rely on the solid pulsing rhythmic foundation so heavily.. it's the first thing i hear when i sit down to learn a song, and almost the only thing I hear when I'm singing on stage. The bass line always tells me where the music is going and provides a stability that makes me want to curl up in it's blanket of comforting vibration and go to sleep.  It's no surprise that I place an especially great value to the relationship I form with my bass player.

When Jack picked me up out of the blues jams I did not know what to expect. Nor did I ever dream that I would not only gain a great teacher and mentor, but also a solid friend-  not to mention the fact that he is truly a great and knowledgable musician. When all's said and done.. I trust my bass player :) 

He has introduced to me to so many wonderful folks.. as he tends to surround himself with the highest calibur of humans inside and out.. musical or not. Whenever I need help, he's usually already addressed my concerns before I even ask. Hell, he produced my five latest originals and he produced them well! 

Speaking of music production.. He and his talented friend Gary Koliger have just released a new album. "Jake and Gate" is my new favourite band and I can't wait to get my hands on my copy of "I Got Your Back" They have a series of CD release events coming up in May and they deserve nothing but the the best reception for this labour of love, soul and songwriting. 

May 16th- FALCONETTI'S East Side Grill on Commercial Drive
May 18th- THE COTTAGE BISTRO on Main Street (I can't wait to see Eugene again)
May 19th- KINGFISHERS WATERFRONT GRILL In my own hometown of Maple Ridge

Anyone who has ever met Jack Lavin, or heard him on one of the many stages he's performed on (pretty much every stage in Vancouver) will know that he is capable of only the best in entertainment quality, musicianship and production.

get your copy on itunes or CD Baby!

Congrats on the new release, Jake and Gate! I am a fan for life.   

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