Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Time to bring the sucker back to life. After many years of maintaining a steady focus on writing and performing music, I have settled on my passion- ORIGINAL MUSIC. It's where my creative mind finds the most comfort. I still have no desire to compete or compare myself to others, and since the Dirty Swing Band is no longer, I pretty much work entirely as a solo artist or as a duo with guitar player Tim Hearsey. I have never felt happier in my life for many reasons, but finally finding my musical calling, specifically as a songwriter has provided much- needed satisfaction. I can move forward creatively with a strong sense of identity deeply rooted in knowing my path. 

Tim and I have completed our first CD together. It took one year, and I can't be more thankful for his attention to detail, enthusiasm and encouragement. He is a brilliant musician, engineer and artist and I am once again in awe of this magical, musical journey into which fate has submerged my senses. 

I have enjoyed co-writing with other professional musicians as well as Tim such as Jack Stafford, Billy MacBeth, Leslie Harris to name a few.. and was even approached to write a radio jingle (now live on a number of radio stations) for the new iPolpo app. 

Moving forward, my goals remain clear: More writing, more collaborating with Tim, allowing and accepting organic success or failure and sharing original music with utmost artistic integrity. Life is indeed a gift. 



  1. Good stuff Wendy digging the musical vibe

  2. It's so awesome seeing your musical genius find its way. You've grown a great deal over the last few years. Love following your journey