Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Meet Marty Bernard.

He's the nicest guy in the world and a crazy good guitar player. He writes his own music and can really play anything in any style. I love his country licks that come from years on the road with 'Diezel.' Marty also has an inner headbanger probably from playing with the heavy metal band 'Catfish' for years and opening for the likes of Iggy Pop. I'd like to say his playing is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix but really what's so special about Marty's style to me is that it is completely unique and his own. He can play whatever you need him to play and will, but when he's given the freedom to express himself, his sound is entirely his own and that's why I love working with him and respect him so. 

He's got his own band called 'The Bloo Zebras' and freelances when he's available. He's really quiet and shy so this blog will embarrass the crap out of him but I don't care because the world should know more of Marty Bernard. I'm looking forward to hearing his upcoming album which is in the works and ready to be completed. 

This is a song from his last album.. he wrote it about his wife.. she's got a beautiful head of red hair. 

Marty plays the Kingfisher in Maple Ridge every third friday of the month with The Bloo Zebras.. and has other gigs around town too. He's a Dirty Swing Band member, and I'm proud to share the stage with him, and call him a friend. It took him over a year to say more than two words to me :)  

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  1. Yeah, Marty's the bomb! Haven't seen him in eons, though...